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Our one-stop shop will provide you with the skills and resources necessary to help your business thrive by providing a wide array of specialist resources.





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Meet like-minded business people and discover innovative solutions for your company.

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Our members are progressive business owners who help each other accelerate the growth of their businesses through shared learning.

Members receive the support they need to deal with the challenges and issues of today’s business world.

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Plato's Mission

To remove isolation from the decision-making process.

To make companies successful, profitable & sustainable whilst aligning owner managers’ personal and business goals.

WHat our Member's say about plato

This is my second time participating in the Plato programme. The programme is very engaging and its driven by the participants who share their knowledge and mentor each other. The programme leaders are excellent and really do go the extra mile to help participants where they can. They facilitate by giving their expert opinion and by sourcing specialists in any area you or your business needs help with. I would highly recommend Plato to all business owners and managers. If you invest in the programme. It will provide a significant return on your investment.
Damien Traynor
Ambit Compliance
The PLATO programme covered a wide range of relevant topics. PLATO scheduled excellent guest speakers, covering specialist areas with appropriate material and examples. The facilitators were encouraging, engaging and supportive and had real world experience and expertise. As a result of the PLATO programme, Amach have introduced positive changes in our way of working across organisational strategy, goals, structure, marketing and HR. This has given us a more efficient, strategic organisation, with a better understanding of how to effectively deal with the day-to-day challenges faced by small business. 
Lenny McManus
Amach Software Ltd.

Having just completed the Plato course with Marion I feel more sure about my business and have a renewed confidence in myself as a business owner. The speakers were all of great quality and I gained so much from their knowledge and experience. Finally – I want to thank Marion and the two moderators who were always on hand to answer any questions. I would highly recommend the course to any business owner looking to grow themselves and their business.

Michel Jonas Nilsson
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